Let’s boost the european digital publishing ecosystem.

EDRLab (European Digital Reading Lab) is dedicated to the development and support of the EPUB format and related technologies.


EPUB3 is an industry standard for digital publications, based on open technologies used in the web platform. EPUB3 is a content format designed to be accessible on a wide range of reading devices. An EPUB3 ecosystem promotes interoperability amongst tools and services, to help optimize creation and distribution processes across multiple platforms.


We are spearheading the development of open-source technology to accelerate the adoption of EPUB3 in Europe. We actively collaborate with the Readium Foundation to engineer robust e-reading software. We participate in standardization working groups that drive the evolution of the EPUB format for ebooks and other types of digital publications.


Safeguarding intellectual property and managing digital rights is critical to some publishing business models. The EPUB3 format itself is agnostic to content licensing workflows (such as library lending protocols), and is open to various content encryption schemes. These layers of functionality can be enabled within Readium-based software, and we are actively promoting the implementation of a decentralized, vendor-neutral model known as LCP.


The EPUB3 format is suitable for content authoring, interchange, and distribution. In principle, an EPUB3 compliant publishing ecosystem allows e-readers to ingest digital publications produced by any vendor. Healthy marketplace competition is meant to offer choice to content consumers and to users of tools and services. The Readium software aims to facilitate interoperability within this diverse landscape, by providing a reference implementation of the EPUB3 standard usable by technology integrators across multiple desktop and mobile platforms.


Support for people who have print disabilities is a key part of our mission. We make sure that assistive technologies used by visually-impaired users are taken into account during the development and test of Readium-based reading solutions. We collaborate with major accessibility organisations to ensure that we deliver acceptable levels of usability and compliance.

European Digital Reading Lab is the European headquarter of IDPF and Readium Foundation

Technology watch

On this website, EDRLab members will publish news about innovations in the digital publishing industry.

Innovative projects

EDRLab will participate in innovative European projects, not only to drive EPUB3 and Readium technologies forward, but also to foster communities of end-users and stakeholders. Whenever the opportunity arises, EDRLab will collaborate with its members to deliver on these projects.


EDRLab communicates on EPUB 3 and Readium on several event during the year 2016,
including the EPUB Summit.


EDRLab can be seen as a “hub” dedicated to the european digital publishing ecosystem, where publishers and entrepreneurs can exchange views and participate to a community effort toward better e-reader tools.